Just Desserts

As Melina reached her doorstep, the clouds shifted, casting an ominous shadow on the ground. She shivered and then shrugged off the feeling of unease. A blue envelope peeped out from the letter box. Her fingers trembled when she picked it up, noticing the very familiar handwriting. Julian!

She took a deep breath and went inside .She slit open the envelope. A white monogrammed sheet slipped out. It had been two long years-of heartbreak, heart ache, loneliness and healing. Why now? Why again? Melina started to read.


17th September,London

 My Sweet Mel,

It’s been a long time and yet it seems just like yesterday. Believe me; you were never far from my heart. I just wanted to let you know that Betty and I decided to go our own ways. I have returned to our country house, which won’t be a home till its rightful mistress returns to it. I know you will find it in your heart to forgive me and return home.

Waiting for you,

Only yours


 Melina was aghast! What temerity! To think that she would return to him after what he put her through? Two long years without a word! The memories she had so painstakingly wound up in skeins were coming unravelled and she had no control over it.

She had loved Julian and had believed he loved her too. They had been together for five years and were planning to get married. But then Bettina aka Betty had walked into their lives and everything had fallen apart. Only she had not known, till it was too late. Julian had eloped with Betty. She was a rich heiress and it had all been in the news the next morning. Disbelief, betrayal, grief had made Melina go numb

.It had taken her more than a year to get her life back on tracks. Thanks to her wonderfully rewarding career and of course Shawn. Finally, she was breathing again without choking on a ragged piece of painful memory.

No, Julian, I carried the scars of your love long enough. Now it is time for you to pay.

She had a plan. She called Shawn.

“It’s playing with fire Melina! You sure you want to do this?”

“I am positive. Julian cannot get away with playing with my emotions.”

“Fine .I will set the wheels in motion. All will be ready in two week’s time.”

Melina replied to Julian that night.

20th September,Derby

 Darling Ju,

I am beyond myself with happiness. I knew true love will win.

 I will be driving down to our house on 23rd.

I am dying to see you.

Lovingly yours


Next day, Melina went shopping. She pulled all stops and got a total makeover. Shawn teased her mercilessly about him being cuckolded which made Melina laugh.

On 23rd evening, the astounded look on Julian’s face at her new avatar was reward enough for her efforts. Ten days of romancing had Julian eating out of her hand and she kept him hooked by not allowing him in her bed. On the eleventh day Julian proposed with a solitaire.

Melina accepted on the condition that the wedding would take place in three days time at Derby in the Magistrate’s office at 10 in the morning. Additionally they would neither meet nor talk to each other before the wedding date. Julian agreed and Melina returned to Derby.

 Three days later Julian reached the magistrate’s office dot at 10, dressed in his new tuxedo, looking dapper. A few minutes later he was surprised to be surrounded by the Paparazzi. He wondered who had tipped them off but then smiled, puffing up with importance-he was quite well known.

The newshounds started firing questions at him.

“Sir, heard you are getting married today?”

“Is it true that the lucky lady is your first girlfriend?”

“ Isn’t she the one you deserted to elope with Bettina, your ex?”

Julian began sweating.

“Where is your intended?”

“Hope she is not going to leave you stranded here!”

Everyone tittered.

Julian felt his face redden. Never in his life had he been so humiliated. Where was Melina?

Unseen, Melina and Shawn watched the whole drama unfold, grinning at each other. Their plan had worked. Tomorrow’s headlines were sure to tom –tom this juicy bit of news and Julian would be history. Melina felt her heart soar at the thought. Revenge was surely sweet.





This is my response to Speakeasy’s weekly prompt #161 which required us to (a)write a response(fiction or poetry) in 750 words or less (mine is 735, including the title) (b) using the following sentence anywhere in your submission: “The clouds shifted, casting an ominous shadow on the ground.” and (c) make some reference to the media prompt,which this week is a music video by Adele,”Rolling in the deep.” . For more details and rules,please click on the url below



16 thoughts on “Just Desserts

    • Aww,your warm comment made me smile and added a sparkle to my day Ted-I had to re-edit the original one as this was a family free week but mine had a divorce and marriage originally-so happy you liked it :-)I will look out for temerity in your next piece 😉

      • Atreyee you may have all the inspiration and motivation but if you lack fan support for your work your battle will be lost. Fan support seems to be the deciding factor.

      • I don’t know about fan support Ranu-personally I feel the blog world is a very shaky place-writers and wannabe writers swoop down here by the horde everyday-who has the time or the inclination to read everything?If you stop writing for whatever reason,one is forgotten-it is the nature of the virtual world.Am not negating that we do make some good friends-like you or a few others-who really care but they are few and far between.I myself cannot find time to read all those I am following and feel guilty but what to do?Sigh!

  1. Well, Julian was a cad, but I do feel a little sorry for him. Shouldn’t it be punishment enough that he has to go through life as himself? 🙂 A part of me wondered if she’d succumb to his charms again. I am glad that didn’t happen… that would’ve been far worse than the manufactured humiliation! Your woman-scorned stories do make me think… and wonder what I’d do in a similar situation (letting it go and moving on would be best, but sometimes we can’t leave well enough alone, can we?)

    • Yes,he was but it was his nature I guess;-)Were I in her place possibly I would have succumbed-am such a sucker for love-more so the bad kinds,lol!I so agree with your last comment-its so tough ton let go…sigh!

  2. Your revenge stories are always so much fun, Atreyee! This was no exception. Delightful read – and I agree with Ted, temerity is a fabulous word choice! 🙂

    • Thank you Suzanne-sorry am late in responding 😛 Hopefully in a few months my health will become a bit better and I shall be able to participate and respond like before-of course,the weather would have become better too by then-just now its horribly hot and humid 🙂

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