Nowhere to go

A tiny mouth suckles at her dry breast, defiantly trying to cling on to life. Two pairs of small hands tug at her tattered sari, faces streaked with dirt, tears and hunger pangs. Wings clipped, she only gazes listlessly at the sky.





54 thoughts on “Nowhere to go

      • Oh great-congrats! I too haven’t been writing much or reading/commenting-been dealing with some health issues -hoping to limp back to normalcy or some semblance of it by and by :-)You have a wonderful week too,love and God bless xx

  1. Very powerful, Atreyee! You convey the hopelessness and desperation so well. Such a heartbreaking situation to be in, that’s for sure. (Hmmm… you led me to believe you were struggling with inspiration and you wouldn’t excel at this. Not sure if I should call you modest, or a liar πŸ˜› )

    • Aww,thank you Janna-you have no idea what it means to read your positive comment-believe me I was struggling-am still at a dead end with SE-will think tomorrow -there still is time.Sam submitted as net became active on her old laptop today plus she finished writing the exams for one of her major papers (finals-2nd sem) :-)Will read the SE entries once voting starts irrespective of whether I submit or not,see you then,love xx

  2. “Wings clipped…” I loved how you used that phrase. This is a heartbreakingly easy picture to visualize. Great job, Atreyee. Thanks for linking up.

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