The incongruity between your words and action do not surprise her. After all you owe your allegiance to your inner demons. But she aches to comprehend her inability to stand by her own convictions. Seems, your false allure has blinded her irrevocably.






14 thoughts on “Afflicted

  1. Oh, the broad reach of those inner demons, and the way they can entrap the tenderhearted. Great piece, Atreyee!

  2. Ahh I identify completely with this, not being surprised by someone’s inconsistent words and actions, but still not feeling able to do anything for myself about it. I really like that she’s aching to understand her OWN inability here, not purely aching for someone else. Really great.

  3. The language in this piece is so strong and full of conviction, even as it describes how conflicted she is. Really good job. Thanks for linking it up!

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