Since I started this blog of mine, many a writing buddy has suggested I complete my “about” profile but I have been procrastinating till now simply because I find it most difficult to say anything about myself (or to stop blabbering) 😛

Well, what better than to solve the dilemma by taking the bull by the horns-especially if that bull has entered the china shop? 😉

I am from India, the land of vibrant colours and amazingly diverse culture. I have 18 years of formal education (M.Phil in Sociology) and then some. I have worked sporadically for I have never been very ambitious and at present I tutor middle & high school kids at home. I have a small nuclear family-my hubby, an Engineer by profession & our 17 year old daughter, who just started college to major in English, for, it is her dream to be a well known writer of fiction some day.

English is not my native language but having been a voracious reader at one time has helped, along with the fact that the medium of instruction for me has always been English.However,creative writing in English was very rare though I wrote in a regional language(Hindi, our national language) from the time I was 12.

So, what am I doing here, you may ask?Ah,it was my daughter and my best friend ,who kept at me, saying that I have it in me and just need to start. A friend on FB was also instrumental in fostering that belief and I started writing last December(2012).Though it started differently, soon I came across a site (Trifecta) which has two weekly contests on flash fiction and I was hooked. I had to take a break for the last three months due to my daughter’s college admission (entrance tests etal) but I returned last weekend to pick up the gauntlet again. I have forayed into uncharted territory of Japanese poetry and am enjoying it thoroughly. I hope to start trying out some more forms of writing and join sites which promote them as time goes by.


Like most people who write, I love to read too. My favourite genre is horror/chillers (Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert top the list).I also am a sucker for murder mystery .more so with a twist and my favourite is who else but Agatha Christie. Love to laugh too and P.G Wodehouse I feel is the best. I also love Richard Bach, Khalil Gibran, Tagore, to name just a few.

If you ask what my style of writing is, I will be at sea for I don’t think I have found it myself. I love writing murder mysteries and have taken some poetic liberties too. I love to read what others write and that makes me wish I had 36 hours every day but I do the best I can and try to read and comment on all the entries in a contest that I enter.

I love music-light music of my country basically but my daughter has given me a glimpse of some western music too. I also design rooms (in the virtual world) and have even done some fashion designing (again virtual only).I have an eye for colour, I have been told. My life is all about my friends who surround me with their love and keep me steady. God has blessed me with a happy disposition (unless you push me that is, lol!)and a positive attitude and that has helped me take life as it comes, with a smile.

So dear readers, followers and friends, now that you know a little more about crazy me, hope you will still walk along with me in this exciting new journey of creative writing that I have embarked on. Ciao!



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  1. It would be good if you put some information on your ‘About’ page. You don’t have to and if you do, just put what you feel comfortable putting….but it does help to introduce other bloggers to you and decide if they want to follow….There is much to learn and it took me a long time and I am still learning ….There is a setting on your ‘dashboard’ if you want to do this….Diane

    • I agree Diane:-)I have been thinking about it for sometime now-in fact,just a few days after I joined WP,there was a post on this by someone but it terrifies me ,for I feel I really have nothing to say about myself but this Trifecta community & its challenges are giving me a great fillip- in the right direction-& soon I will take up the cudgel.& stir myself into acting;-)Thank you so much for the encouragement,I appreciate it.

    • OMG!OMG!That’s awesome & so,so kind of you-thank you
      Diane:-)Am speechless-will go through the url:-)You have inspired me to write more & ,made me smile-thank you for your kindness & love.Will be honoured to accept it-do tell me if I have to do something for that?

      My apologies for responding so late but as you knowI was caught up this week,so have spent whole of yesterday & half of today reading & commenting on all the 74 submissions of this week & 35 submissions of this weekend-before the next 35 are posted,am now trying to catch up on the comments on mine:-)Also hoping to be inspired to attempt the prompt for this weekend-am terrible at dialogues!Wish me luck:-)Tc & looking forward to hearing from you

      • You really do put your time in making sure you read everything. I would relax a bit and not put so much pressure on yourself. Having said that I do try to read all I follow and make comments if I feel it adds anything. But I must admit if and that is not very often I participate in Trifecta or even The Daily Post Prompt I don’t get a chance to read all of the submissions.

        If you do want to participate in the Award process I nominated you for I will tell you the basics and then if I haven’t explained fully enough ask me more. I will say that some people…mostly those that have been writing or had Awards before, don’t do the process ..they just ‘accept’ the award. But here is the process. I was like you and had to ask the first time also.

        1. Start a post and name it whatever you want.
        2. Go to the blog where you were nominated and copy the url link.
        3. Go to your post and in whatever way you want say who gave you the award and paste their link into your sentence.
        4. Go back to the blog…and copy the rules of the award and then go to your post and paste them into your blog.
        5. Go back to the blog and ‘Save As’ the logo for the blog and put it into your pictures. I opened a folder first to do with blogging and photos that I add sometimes with words to my blogs and called it ‘Sayings with pictures’.
        6. Back to your blog and put your cursor where you want logo …and click on ‘media’ and it will take you to upload the logo in whatever folder you put it in.Click on the …in this case ‘Shine On’ logo and it will take you back and ask you if you want image to be on left,right or centre and do you want thumbnail, or medium or sometimes full size.
        7. In the case of the shine on you’ll notice it says to list 7 things about yourself…it can be anything you want to share (You’ll notice that since I had already listed 7 for another award I didn’t do it again for the Shine On one.
        8. At the end of the post nominate other blogs that you like and do a link to their about page ie; first you have to go there and copy their url and then go to your blog and ‘link’ it (if you aren’t sure how to do this ask me) Note: You don’t have to do the number of nominations listed in the ‘rules’…I did the first time (15) and it took forever..and then found out most other people only do 3 or 4 or how many you want.
        9.Publish your post.
        10. Then you have to tell the nominees that you have nominated them for the ‘whatever award’ in this case ‘Shine On’ and do a link to your blog… like I did on your ‘About’ page. If they don’t have an About page just do it on their ‘Home’ page.

        And you’re done. This takes time so don’t feel like you have to do it immediately but when you have time. And again I needed help the first time I did it so don’t be afraid to ask.. I must admit it was fun even though it took time…going back and forth copying and linking etc.

        Oh one thing I didn’t mention is putting the logo on your blog site…but I notice you don’t have any sidebars in your theme to do so….But I recently moved mine anyway to a ‘Page’ and it is accessible on a tab at top of site. Ask me if you want to do this. Seems complicated but usually only the first time…I think you will get more awards in future…. Diane

    • That’s so sweet of you,thank you so much. While I appreciate that you thought my blog is deserving of this honour, am sorry I will not be able to accept this award -am embarrassed to admit but I am too lazy to follow the steps involved in the process.No hard feelings I hope & hoping that you understand,tc & thank you once again:-)

      • Hard feelings? No way! This was the second time I was nominated. I could not figure out how to do it the first time and it seemed too difficult. But, this time I figured it out. Thanks for your honesty!

      • Second time!Wow!Awesome & congrats:-)So glad you understood-my first award is still not up on my blog-the kind & sweet person who nominated me-(now a lovely friend) has tried her best to help me out but I find it terribly complicated-rather am scared that it will all go over my head-i feel terribly guilty-but ..so silly of me.I really admire people like you who can work out things on your own:-)All the best for future too,tc:-)

    • Thank you Suzanne,am touched & honoured but am afraid I will have to decline as I find the whole process very intimidating & cannot understand-my first award is still pending-Diane must have given up on me-I recently said “no” to someone else-I feel so awful & ashamed too-not understanding simple instructions!

      • No worries — the process is definitely a bit intimidating, so I completely understand! Mostly, I just wanted to use the opportunity to draw attention to some of the amazing blogs I’ve been lucky enough to find!

  2. I came here after you liked one of my post. Great writing. Your comment about yourself: “t terrifies me ,for I feel I really have nothing to say about myself” really resonates with me. I think this is why I write, and yet have not published. I think you should put something on your about page. You don’t have to get personal, keep it simple. Maybe something simple like I am a blogger who likes to write and read what others write or something. You are worthy of an about page 😉

    • Aww,that’s one of the best comments I have ever recd-thank you Jane:-)Believe me ,I have been giving serious thought to it & very soon,you will see something “about” me:-)So glad to have commented on yr pg-now I get to know one more “soul friend” 😀

    • Thank you Pirate-two things-first is it your page?And second I have never in my life written a Haiku,leave alone a haibun-both seem very tough.!Do you think I can learn how to?

  3. Hello fellow Trifectan,
    I am Ritu from the blog ‘Beyond Beauty Tips’. I saw that we were connected through my blog (and yours too, since I follow you). I announced my new domain but I haven’t seen you there yet.
    Please show some love to my new blog ‘Things To Rave About’ (http://toraveabout.com) which is just BBT at a new address.
    Hoping to see you there. Thanks!
    If I’m not mistaken, I remember you mentioned about being quite busy till July with your move and your daughter’s admissions. I wish you all the best and hope to see you back soon @Zebra Crossing 🙂

  4. Pingback: Hooray! It’s Award Day! | Musings of a Dancing Wino

    • Thk u so much for choosing my blog my friend-am touched and honoured but I find it terribly lengthy & tortuous to follow the many rules and also have yet to understand how to get that “award”: on my pg-so I just say thank you,feel thrilled and leave it at that-hope you understand and don’t mind:-)

  5. Wonderful. I think I can honestly say my two very best friends are from your country. They come from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and I miss them both very much. Even now mentioning them makes my heart pull. One is a simple shopkeeper who is more funny than humour itself, Ahh…now I’m thinking of them! Anyway, nice write-up!

    • Oh really?How fascinating-the world is really small:-)Are these friends from the virtual world or did you meet them in India?Friends make our life so much richer-am blessed to have so many true ones-lucky in that respect:-)Hope you can connect to them via phone or skype or ,mail-thks to the technical advancements:-)Thank you-I wrote this after a lot of dilly dallying-I find it difficult to write about myself 😛

      • writing about oneself is annoying! My two friends are definitely real! One was a colleague, the other a shopkeeper of a small shop. We knew each other for years in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The shopkeeper has barely used a computer, phone yes, but I miss our daily laughter. Thanks for the reply -much appreciated!

      • Ah I see-a traveler at heart Pirate:-)Yes,personal interaction-face- to face is the best!Am going to meet my class mates from school this Dec-for the 4th time-we have been having these re-re-unions since 2004 ,every second year-so am so excited-just booked my tkts last week 😀

  6. Easygoing unless pushed to the edge…or backed into a corner…we’re alike you and me. And I too have a daughter with whom I share lots of love and laughter…and who encourages me to be all I can be…at 64. Of course I do the same for her. She who is my one and only 27-year-old…sunshine.

    • Aww,so sweet-daughters are a must to enrich lives-I feel sorry for those who have none or who do not have such a bond-aren’t we lucky?We are as young as we want to be -I always say am 52 going on 20(forever),lol!Will go chk out your pg and thank you for reading and connecting:-)

    • Hi Glynis!Cannot remember if I replied to this or not-first of all wish you a HNY and thks for the nomination but I still haven’t been able to deduce how to go about these things -hope you understand and once again thk you for your kindness and love,tc Apologies for this delay-was very unwell -still recovering

    • Thank you Ranu-will read yours next week-daughter is turning 18 day after-tai khoob byasto-badite party aar banagalir party manei boojhcho,lol!Trying to get so many things done including writing,reading ,commenting and responding 😛

  7. Thank you for introducing yourself! You’re a very creative and courageous woman and a wonderfully talented writer. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog, and thus, giving me the opportunity to find yours!

  8. Hello, Atreyee,
    I’m excited to inform you that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I truly admire your talent as a writer and want to share your inspirational work with the world!
    Should you choose to accept this award, please visit this link:
    -Copy the versatile blogger icon from this post so you can insert this into your own acceptance post.
    -Choose 7 random facts about yourself you wish to share and type these in for your readers.
    -Select your 10 favorite blogs you wish to nominate for the award, and add these as well to your post with a description of why you admire them.
    – Tell these bloggers you have nominated them for the award, and add a link.
    Please link back to my blog so I can read your wonderful acceptance speech! 🙂



    • Thank you Adelie for this sweet and kind gesture-am honoured and humbled at being chosen.But I hope you will understand when I say,I find all this too complicated and tedious -so have been saying no to the awards -no hard feelings-am too lazy to write an acceptance speech 😛

  9. Glad to see one so one from India. Keep on writing. Have a good blogging journey.I can’t go further without talking something if I see any Indian on my way probably because I have a feeling that I am missing my India a lot.

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