Thus she mused…

I just started “blogging” here yesterday,so am a newbie & do not know if I qualify to participate in this week’s writing challenge,”Shift your perspective.” Still,no harm in trying,is there?I think I usually use first or second person,so have tried to use  a third person narrative style.


She was humming to herself as she logged in.She started smiling thinking of how she was going to turn her life around.No more wasting time,playing inane computer games,chatting with strangers,sharing other people’s quotes & living vicariously.She was going to carve out a niche for herself in this world of bloggers-if they could do it,why not her?

There-she was on her newly created blog pg-her very own space on wordpress. Now to start pouring her thoughts onto the screen & viola,she will be on her way up the ladder of Blogging!But,oh,what’s this?Her mind refused to utter even one word,leave alone the torrent of words she had envisaged herself spewing!Worse,she felt petrified!Oh God!What has she got herself into?What was she thinking?For Heaven’s sake she was not even a good writer!God forbid if her friends & acquaintances ever found this out-oh,the shame!She would die of mortification!Thank God,though for small mercies,for,had she given in to her impulse last night & mailed the link of her new Blog to her group ,she would have been in real hot water now!!

Ah!Colour returned to her ashen face & she thawed ,sighing with relief.

But,hey wait,she told herself,gaining her composure!She was not a scareddy cat,was she?She was no nincompoop either-she could wield  the pen-well,the mouse,as well as any other of her caliber!Anyways,she was not here to impress anyone,or to ride the popularity charts or to gain fame-not that all these things were not welcome,he!he!-but the main purpose behind her wanting to blog was to give a voice to her musings-to go on a journey of self exploration & to delve into the psyche of human beings….

….and she found her fingers flying on the keyboard,typing out words of her maiden Blog post on wordpress…