Zombies at a bar

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Eight

This week the prompt that Trifecta threw at us was familiar in one way but not in another -at least to me-simply because I am a teetotaler 😛  Look at the third definition given below  yourself and see what I mean:-)


ZOMBIE (noun)

:  a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice.


Here is my piece,all of 329 words.


Zombies at a bar


It was Halloween and “The High and mighty” was full. There was revelry in the air and everyone was having a ball.

Jack looked up from behind the bar, every time the door opened. He knew almost everyone in this town. His eyes scanned the tables. He seemed very nervous.

Anyone who knew Jack would have scoffed at this, for Jack was known for his calm nature and his ability to deal with any problem without batting an eyelid.

But Jack had heard things. If rumours were to be believed the future of this town was at stake and he was afraid that the town was not ready for such a calamity-not that anyone could ever be prepared for such a thing, he thought, trembling inwardly.

They needed a miracle.

Danny, a regular, seated himself at the bar & said, “Hello Jack! Get me a Zombie!”

Jack almost dropped the wine glass he was polishing, his eyes looking shocked.

Danny looked amused and said, “What now? It’s Halloween and I need a strong drink man! ”

Jack composed himself and winking at Danny, said, “Very apt! One Zombie coming up, Sir.”

Suddenly, the door flew open rattling the bottles and china. With that came a stench. Everyone looked up and froze. The bar maids Marissa and Janice screamed while Clare fainted!

As Jack had been fearing, the undead were here. The two Zombies started shuffling in, making awful noises, while the crowd started pushing and shoving, trying to retreat to a safe corner. One of the zombies caught hold of a customer.

Jack started praying.

Just as things started looking hopeless, Dean and his brother Sam burst in and chopped off the heads of the zombies in one blow!

A miracle indeed!

Jack ran to hug the heroes and the crowd heaved a collective sigh of relief. Dean and Sam smiled and walked out. For the hunters, it was just another job.

(End of Supernatural episode 7, season 10)