The Tryst

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Six


The weekly prompt from Trifecta this week is

ANIMAL (noun)

3  :  a human being considered chiefly as physical or nonrational; also :  this nature 

This week the challenge is community judged and as always ,our response has to be between 33 and 333 words.Here is what the “animal” in me could came up with.Enjoy:-)



The Tryst


She shivered, fear gnawing at her innards with icy claws. Lack of sleep and trying to be constantly vigilant had taken its toll.

She shuddered as the door creaked open. The shadow loomed like an advancing demon, before his actual body came to stand at the doorway, blocking the light. She cringed, trying to disappear into nothingness.

He entered the room shutting the door. Immediately darkness slithered around, cloaking them both in a loving hug. She choked at the thought of what was coming next.

She could feel him moving around. How he could see in the pitch darkness was beyond her-not that she cared!

She knew that soon the cover of darkness would be gone but she was never sure which she hated more -this inky blackness with all her senses on red alert  or the  dazzling brightness which made her nerves go berserk.

He seemed satisfied and now she heard him move to the light switch. She heard the scrape of the chair being pulled and knew he was sitting down-making himself comfortable for the show-the Bastard, she fumed! He switched the flood lights on and she felt shame, disgust, self-loathing, mortification, hatred and all kinds of putrid thoughts rushing to engulf her!

Here she was, naked on the bed, gagged and bound while he sat there clicking pictures and recording her from every angle for hours together. He never spoke, came near or touched her but devoured her with his eyes, which ,somehow was more demeaning, more degrading! How could she have loved this man-an animal!!

She wished for the thousandth time, that she had not been taken in by his charming smile-not been duped by his animal magnetism, failing to see the animal within lurking behind those grey green eyes!

It had been a week! Her only hope of ever getting out of this hell hole was the note that she had left on her office desk before leaving with him, voluntarily- for a supposed love tryst!