Unwrapping the memories

Unwrapping the memories


Languid days tied with a satin ribbon

I open the window to my soul

dust the cobwebs off

unlocking fragile memories,

forgotten fragrances

Of you…

Wrapped in scented tissue

pink as the first blush of love

here lies my memory

of the day when I saw you first

Wrapped in multi-coloured scarf

are the rainbow dreams I dared to dream

When I pursued you relentlessly

Knowing I had no chance

to be the crème de la creme

Here is the green kerchief soaked in

Tears of jealousy

containing  my envy

when I saw you with other girls

all sows, I thought, around my pearl

This white envelope

dotted with drops of red

my bleeding heart’s tears

when i did not see you for years

And  wrapped in cellophane

here is the scrapbook

where I squirreled away

nuggets of information,

About you.

Bubble wrapped carefully,

these are my  galloping heartbeats

when I saw you next

Tied with a silver ribbon

what are these?

of course, treasured memory

Of our friendship

Passion I wrapped in this satin box

the hugs and kisses

you had showered non-stop

Oh,and this golden packet

most priceless of all

I wrapped all your love

lest  I forgo it all

This crimson bottle holds

my red hot rage,when

 of your lies, I took umbrage

At the bottom of this all

 lies  a big black pack

in it are stacked the bleached bones of

Our love

This latest pack

wrapped in all white

marks  our mutual exoneration

Am keeping the diamond wrapped vase

enclosing our love,

on display

‘cos my heart is sure

faith will never lead us astray.




The above poem was written for dVerse Poets Pub OpenLinkNight ~ Week 133.


The Hussy

Trifecta: Week Ninety-Three


This week Trifecta wants us to use the following word prompt, using the third definition and  containing between 33-333 words.

GRACE (noun)


And here is what my mind conjured up,nothing new I am afraid 😛


The Hussy

His handsome face and twinkling blue eyes had a charm of their own. But, he was a Philanderer. Every girl in town knew that. Yet his suave ways made their hearts flutter each time he smiled or flirted with them.

Then she arrived in town. Her class showed in her lady like mannerisms. She was grace personified.

These two were as different as chalk & cheese but fate conspired. They fell in love and surprising everyone and shocking some, got married!

Two years flew by as if in a dream!

One fine morning there was a ruckus at the local inn. A sexy siren had taken up residence in the neighbourhood. Soon, all the men made a beeline to have a look at this eye candy. Their women folk quickly labelled her “Hussy”.

The hussy’s arrival upset the apple cart for the happily married couple. Hubby’s errant heart, was enamoured of the new charms on display.

The wife watched silently-never a word of protest or any un-lady like behaviour.

Then horror of horrors, he did the unthinkable and brought the Hussy home.

Slowly, six months passed .Then, one night, when the wife was away, the Husband was found murdered in his bed, the jeweled hilt of the antique dagger sticking out from his chest, crimson blood dripping from the wound, in a pool.

The police was called in. Though the Hussy protested her innocence, her fingerprints on the dagger and the family jewels stashed in her room, along with the discovery of a train ticket in her name, sealed her fate.

The evidence was conclusive and she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

At the funeral, the widow, dressed in black, looked bereft yet dignified. Everyone admired her courage and the respect for this lady grew every passing moment. Accepting the condolences, her lips moved softly-only her bright eyes, heavy with unshed tears to a casual observer- held a secret-a secret that would go untold, to her grave...