Carpe Diem’s little ones # 8 – Cinquain

Carpe Diem’s Little Ones #8, ”Cinquain”


At Carpe Diem,our host Kristjaan has set us a new challenge-to write a cinquain. This is what he says about this challenge.

At its most basic level, ‘cinquain’ simply means a stanza (or poem) with five lines. However, the word also refers to either of two more specific types of five-line poems. The first type is usually centered to give it a diamond shape and has the following format:

First line: a one-word subject or title.
Second line: two adjectives which describe the subject.
Third line: three verbs relating to the subject.
Fourth line: four words forming a phrase, sentence, or set of feelings relating to the subject.
Fifth line: one word which summarizes the poem or restates the subject.

The second and more traditional type is simpler and requires only that the pattern of syllables per line in the poem is 2, 4, 6, 8, 2.”


This was a really tough one and I hope I have understood and followed the rules correctly.This is my first attempt at writing this form of poetry.I have tried both the types 🙂

Type I

painful, clumsy
leaving, severing,refusing
to accept the final


Type II

not so easy
unshed tears empty arms,
a longing -watching,waiting for