Carpe Diem -Tan Renga #XV

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XV, Lolly’s ”crossing the footbridge”

crossing the footbridge
a sound that comes unbidden …
my wild beating heart
(c) Lolly

 My completion-

standing still afraid to breathe
his lips on mine-dream lover





Carpe Diem #334 Fence

Carpe Diem #334, fence (provided by Lolly)

The prompt “fence” is full of possibilities and ai think it made me go a little mad 😀 Here are my efforts for what they are worth:-)


Sitting on the fence-
or plain cowardly?

Fence me in
with your love-
wolves inching closer.

Broken fence
a reminder
of passing time.

outside the fence
prisoners inside

Crazy fans
toppling the fence
mayhem let loose

Stuck to the fence
carcass of
electrocuted cattle

Leaning over the fence
to exchange
love notes,stolen kisses

Crushed under the
fallen fence
tiny sapling,still lives.