The survivors



The survivors
Without a word, she dropped to the ground. She had no energy left. Her half naked body shivered and her mind telescoped within itself. She was oblivious to the hushed murmurs that rose from the group of women surrounding her or of the midwife cleaning and covering her up. Her eyes were fixed on the small, immobile bundle. Her fourth child had arrived into this world without any noise, as if protesting against the atrocities of the past. A still born…

She was not sure if she should be relieved or sad. She, Radha, the third wife of the village Chaudhary had failed to give him a male heir yet again. Her three daughters had been killed as soon as they had uttered their first cry. Radha had been told of the fate a new born girl would meet in the Chaudhary household by Lalita and Amodini, the first two wives of Chaudhary. They had undergone the same pain and had finally been thrown out of the house.

The first time it happened, Radha had cried for months but this time, she was numb. She wondered if this little one already knew that she was going to be killed-was unwanted and so had decided to end it all before it began. The Chaudhary was too egotistical to even harbour the idea that a woman was in no way responsible for a child’s gender. Not that anyone in this village knew or understood such things.

She knew that her time to be evicted had arrived when she saw her husband eyeing the Priest’s nubile daughter, Pallavi. His hungry gaze reminded her of a cat she had once seen, climbing a tree slowly, stalking its prey-a young bird. She thought that it ironic that the Chaudhary did not want any daughters, forgetting that it is finally a woman who gives birth to a man!



When she heard that a marriage proposal had been sent to Pallavi’s house, she shuddered at the fate that awaited the poor girl. She wished she could do something to save the young girl from her husband’s clutches but her husband was a powerful man. No one could help her and anyway all the men in the village had the same attitude. The date for her husband’s marriage was fixed .It was going to take place in three months time. She prayed for a miracle.

Unfortunately, nothing happened and the marriage took place on the scheduled day. Chaudhary decided not to throw Radha out simply because she was still young and beautiful. It also gave his ego a big boost to have two young wives at his beck and call, to satisfy his every need.

Two weeks after the marriage, the Chaudhary had to go to another village for campaigning. Panchayat elections were close and he wanted to win again. Meanwhile, Radha and Pallavi became good friends. Then, one day Pallavi confessed that she was in love with a young man. However, he belonged to a lower caste and though he was very intelligent and was going to college, they could never be together.

Radha got an idea .She knew there was a chance that the Chaudhary could be beaten, God willing. She remembered reading in “Mahabharata”, the epic. Kunti and Madri, the two wives of King Pandu had conceived children by invoking different Gods as their husband had been incapable of having coitus.Though, this was not really the case, and a little twisting of the original tale may work wonders here. It could also mean salvation for her and Pallavi.

She decided to talk to Pallavi about her plan.Pallavi was scared at first but then she caught on to it and became excited. For the two weeks Chaudhary was absent, Radha helped Pallavi meet her lover and they cohabited. Her lover was leaving for the city after the two weeks and Radha and Pallavi decided he need not know anything about their plan.

A month later Chaudhary was given the good news that Pallavi was expecting.

Both Radha and Pallavi prayed and eight months later, their prayers were answered.Pallavi gave birth to two bonny babies-both males. Everyone rejoiced and the Chaudhary threw a huge party. The two wives looked at each other and smiled, knowing that they would take this secret to their graves.



This is my response to Speakeasy’s weekly writing prompt #155. The challenge this week is to(a) write a piece in 750 words or less (mine is 718 words,including the title) (b) using “Without a word, she dropped to the ground.” as the first sentence, and (c) make some sort of reference to the photo prompt (which is posted above).

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The affair

Trifextra: Week 102

This week Trifextra is asking for exactly 33 of our own words about love gone wrong.  But we’re  not  to use any of the following words:

This weekend’s challenge is community judged.

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This sure  was  a tough challenge but had fun writing this.Hope you enjoy my 33 words:-)


The affair


Gerald and Suzy are lovers.

Enter Allen-the rich, handsome neighbour.

A secret affair blossoms…

Rumours spread.

Suzy decides to end it all.

Walks in-to catch Gerald and Allen in the throes of passion!




Love’s dream -A Haibun

Love’s dream 


My lover’s gaze kisses me and I blush. Longing fills my heart. My eyes wander searching for the truth. Inane banter takes meaningful form. Proud, I wear my love like a precious adornment. Time passes-a beautiful dream, flying on silvery wings. Love leaps, soaring, sparkling and drinking deeply from the spring of life.

Blind eyes fail to note that leaves have turned, dark clouds have converged. The seemingly warm cloak had been hiding the knife of treachery all the while. The poison of mistrust runs through my veins now. The weeds of indifference have overtaken the blossoms of love and I am dying a slow death under the veil of pretense.


Many hued pebbles

love, life lying threadbare

hopeless-a crushed rose







Lovers no more

Trifecta: Week Seventy-Four

a : a state of being beyond reason and self-control


b archaic : swoon

: a state of overwhelming emotion; especially : rapturous delight

Please remember: 

  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words. 
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
  • Only one entry per writer. 

This week Trifecta wanted us to float in ecstasy-yes,you read it right,the word prompt is ecstasy.So,you ask,did I ?Sigh!I managed to write this two days back but have been sitting with it ,mulling over it,just not happy with it!I was hoping that I shall be able to  bask in ecstasy as soon as a bright idea hit me,but no such luck!Well,with a mere five hours to go,I better  “release” my hold on this piece of “‘ecstasy” or I will most definitely miss the bus!So here I am,with my submission,for what its worth.


Lovers no more


They sat across the table,each immersed in their own thoughts,both busy fighting their own demons.They avoided looking at each other,did not speak-could not-an awkward silence  enveloped them like  heavy cloak.



Amelia remembered their first meeting and a ghost of a smile played on her lips.It was the annual fund raising  gala, at their community centre. She had been doing the rounds with her sheaf of subscriptions when she had tripped over somebody’s outstretched legs,which had sent her sprawling to the ground.


Embarrassed at the spill,she had looked up straight into a pair of twinkling brown eyes “Sorry about that,”he had drawled,extending his hand to help her up.His tall,lean frame made him look handsome in his navy blue jumper and tan slacks. “I am Stephen.”


Regaining her composure,she had retorted, “Do I have to say,pleased to meet you?”That had made him laugh.”Well,what if I treat you to a coffee or will nothing less than lunch  do?”He had asked with a smile and she had had to laugh too.


Thus had started their friendship and before either knew,they were in love.



He remembered the first time they had kissed,her perfume,the way her hazel eyes crinkled when he said something funny.He knew her insecurities,her little quirks and her intensely  passionate heart.He would forever remember their first time together.He knew no one had ever loved him this way and oh what ecstasy it had been to be with her.


But then…


Stephen was posted to another town and though they tried to keep in touch , it had became harder and harder.Soon conversations started becoming stilted,emails became shorter,the text messages rare.Both understood that the end of the road was near,but neither wanted to  face the agony of letting go.


So,they had decided to meet for the last time to say their final goodbyes and here they were.Each wanted to reach out ,scared to let go but knowing  it was futile, for they were both married but sadly not to each other!