Payback time

Trifecta: Week 105

This week’s prompt is-

PLUCK: (transitive verb)  3: to move, remove, or separate forcibly or abruptly


Payback Time


When I come to, the room is still dark. My head feels sore and there is a metallic taste in my mouth-blood, I think. At least the room is clean and has a bed. I can even see a small basin! I feel like a King.

This is the sixth time they have moved me to a new hiding place in the last ten months.

I have been slapped, beaten, bruised and left to bleed but not enough to kill me. I have been starved, left naked in freezing temperature, been force fed with inedible things, cajoled and threatened but they have not succeeded in getting the information they so badly need-as yet.

I am used to all this. At 40, I am the best in my business- being a double agent.

The last time I had been captured, I had been tortured for almost 2 years but had not broken. I even managed to escape, though it took me a full 8 months to get back to normalcy.

This time I have upped the stakes. I have become a triple agent!

Two years ago, my wife and child flew to a new country .My wife is now a dark eyed, dark haired beauty with no traces of her green eyes or her remarkable red hair. She used to be well rounded but now is svelte. My infant son is now a very different looking 3 year old and with no photos or, memorabilia from past life, no way one can recognize them. Their new, safe life is my reward.

Soon I will be joining them-after a plastic surgery, of course.

Before I had passed out last night, one of the torturers had said, “Tomorrow, if you do not reveal the secret plans of your government, I will personally pluck all your fingernails one day at a time.”

Thus, my immediate concern is to make it through the next week.

Then I will fly the coop.

Loyalty pays rich dividends.

Mine is due.





{A triple agent pretends to be a double agent for one side, while he or she is truly a double agent for the other side. Famous triple agents include Eddie ChapmanKim Philby and Alexander Litvinenko.A lesser used definition of triple agent is an agent who works for three intelligence services, but is usually truly loyal to only one of them}