Carpe Diem-Tan Renga challenge #XII

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XII, HA’s “entangled branches”


Our gracious host Kristjaan, at Carpe Diem, continues with the Tan Renga challenge,choosing beautifully penned Haiku by the CD community. For this XIIth  episode we have an inspiring Haiku by Anmol(HA)  and I hope my attempt at completion will not disappoint:-)

entangled branches
sun ascends through lifeless limbs
beautiful chaos

(c) Anmol (a.k.a. HA)
My completion-

renewed hopes,refreshed will
new dreams on the horizon

tear stained pillow cast aside
smiling face greets morning bright


night’s pearl necklace on the grass
morning rays gently pick up




Carpe Diem-Tan Renga month #IX

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #X, Atreyee’s “The Soul drenched in Love”


At Carpe Diem,Kristjaan,our host, chose my Haiku for this challenge. I am deeply honoured and humbled that he thought that my Haiku could be used for such a challenge.I thank him from the bottom of my heart  and also thank my friends and fellow writers on CD who have completed the Tan Renga using my Haiku:-)Am looking forward to reading all the submissions as soon as I finish posting mine.

It feels strange to be completing a Tan Renga using my own Haiku and funnily I found it difficult 😛


the Soul drenched in love
seeks nothing- gives everything
finds Buddha within

(c) Atreyee


Here is my completion:-)

contented self,no conflicts
a vessel of the Supreme





Carpe Diem-Tan Renga # VIII

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #VIII, MMT’s ”even candent days”

Kristjaan,our host at CD shares an amazing Haiku by Magical Mystical Teacher(MMT) for this Tan Renga challenge.

even candent days
cannot drive the willow leaves
from their homing place

(c) MMT

Here are two attempts at completion, from sleepy me-not very satisfactory,am afraid but this is what came to my mind:-)

your cold indifference fails
to outlive my love for you

flaming desire in the heart
set aflame on winter nights





Carpe Diem -Tan Renga VII

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #VII, Maggie’s ”shedding summer skin”

At CD,our gracious host Kristjaan has chosen another beautiful Haiku penned by dear Maggie .The challenge is to complete the Tan Renga(7-7)

shedding summer skin
willow floats downstream
reflecting season’s end
(c) Maggie Grace
My completion-

is that why the willow weeps
naked in the autumn chill





Carpe Diem-Tan Renga #VI

Carpe Diem”s Tan Renga Challenge Month #VI, Steph’s ”The Eucalyptus”


Thanks to Kristjaan,our host at CD,the Tan Renga month continues with this challenge. Thank you Steph,for this lovely Haiku 🙂


the eucalyptus
captures the iridescence
in the morning fog

(c) Steph

Here is my completion:-)

children blowing soap bubbles
peacocks dancing proud and vain