Tick Tock

Day and night, tick- tock
The moving hands running past
Every stolen moment counts
I need time to stop now
Alas! My clocks are slowing down
Can’t someone wind them up?
Cruel time waits for none
Someday all my clocks will stop.




This is my response to this week’s ultimate question at Gargleblaster #159. The challenge was to answer the ultimate question “Have all your clocks stopped?” in exactly 42 words. If you are interested in joining the fun or read what other participants have written, click on the url http://yeahwrite.me/gargleblaster-159/

Walking away

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

                                                                     Image courtesy of Unsplash.



Walking away

Sophia looked at the retreating back of her lover and thought, how rigid his stance was-just like him.

Long after he had disappeared into the sandy horizon, she continued sitting there, looking at the Sunset over the dunes and reflected on love and life.

Their love life had been like these undulating dunes-ever changing and harsh on the travellers-him and her.

Her love for him was all encompassing, like the sea, carrying away all that was negative between them like flotsam. At times tidal waves of passion pulled at her heart and at others silent storms raged within. Just like the sea, her moods could change with deceptive ease but it was always he who caused those changes.

His love was beautiful but cold like the moon. No, she decided, it was more like the desert. She travelled through his heart, scorched and dying of thirst. Her life felt bleached of all colours and the oasis of love that she was looking for turned out to be only a mirage.

And finally, today after years of yearning and longing, it had all come to naught. He had walked away, unable to bear the burden of her love. What had he said? Oh, that he was not meant to be a family man- that love was not for him. The world beckoned and he had to leave.

She smiled ruefully, wiping at the tears that threatened to spill over. Well, she thought, time to tame the beast called love that had chained her heart for so many years- time she set herself free too.

She toyed with the sand, holding it in her fist and letting it fall free. She realized that while some grains fell off smoothly, a few still remained stuck to her fingers .She mused that painful memories were just like a fistful of sand –while one could let go of some easily, others would require more effort and time.

With that she smiled, stood up and started walking towards a new beginning…





This was written for  Write on Edge using either the photo prompt above or the quote,”If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, write it in the sand near the water’s edge.”~Napoleon Hill. I decided to go with the photo.Word count  337,including the title.For more details on the challenge,please click on this link-http://writeonedge.com/













Writing Prompt: 2014, Week 6

When he came calling..

Trifecta: Week Sixty-Eight

On to the weekly prompt.

TIME (noun)

1a : the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues : duration
 b : a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future
 c : leisure <time for reading>
2: the point or period when something occurs : occasion
3a : an appointed, fixed, or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end <arrived ahead of time>
b : an opportune or suitable moment <decided it was time to retire> —often used in the phrase about time <about time for a change>

Please remember: 

  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words. 
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
  • Only one entry per writer. 


It has been a hectic week till now & going to be so till next weekend,but I could not do without my Trifecta “fix” 😛 So,before the bell tolled,& time ran out,here I am with my submission.






When he came calling..


He watched them from the shadowy hallway.


The family was at Dinner.Annie the old Housekeeper was bustling around.

Roger,the trusted Butler was supervising the footmen in his usual,calm manner. 

At the head of the table,sat Christopher,the monarch, sans the regal robes, sceptre and the crown.He smirked at the  thought.Christopher had started small but now at 58, he ran the multi-million dollar business with the ease & panache of one born to it.


On his right,sat his beautiful & equally regal consort, Lila.Her smile was  sparkling yet, as hard as a 24 carat diamond.She looked not a day over 40,but was actually 52.Few knew about her humble beginnings but most remembered her rise to stardom at just 20 & her subsequent marriage at 22, to young Christopher,a Harvard graduate .


In front of her sat their  daughter,the sweet & adorable,Gwen,all of twenty three.Her beauty shone like the Sun,dazzling everyone.

Next to her,sat her brother Nicolas,twenty nine.His stern demeanour & obsession with discipline ,belied his youth.He was the serious one in the family,with a Wharton degree under his belt.

Lila was flanked by her aunt Gracie on her right,a sixty something,bubbly & spirited woman who delighted everyone with her incessant banter.


Gracie  was chatting animatedly to Prudence,the elder daughter of the house.Prudence was 25 and had  both  brains & beauty.


On the seventh chair sprawled Damon,26, the darling of the family. Aided by his innocent good looks , he oozed charm .He never failed to be amused at his family’s efforts to get him to be serious.


A  picture perfect family!


Well,it is time to prick their bubble,he reflected.He had  the  goods on each of them & not one was  clean!


Wait till I start turning the pages of their history-what a read that would be!


Let me start with the head, he told himself, chuckling inwardly, as he stepped into the Dining Hall.


Won’t they be surprised to know that this family has another heir in waiting!