Love – served cold

Writing for Dverse Poetics

At Dverse ( )Claudia wants us to write a poem, inspired by one of the six artwork pieces by Catrin.To see more of her amazing artwork,hop over to

Scheeweisschen by Catrin Welz-Stein

Art by Catrin Welz-Stein


This is my first entry for D’verse,so am hoping that I am doing it right :-)Here is my  poem ,inspired by the above artwork.



Love- served cold


His warm, impassioned bear hug

moves her not

cold, indifferent

she plucks

at his grasping arms.


Her alabaster beauty is to behold

but her icy heart is already sold

no passion can enfold

her growing love for gold-

her eyes have that faraway look

lofty dreams

her beacon.



he calls her name

a plea in his upturned eyes

black pools of emptiness

meet his gaze-

his aching heart


in a meteor

of pain.


He knows not what his life will be

loneliness was not his

chosen destiny-

love unrequited,

a broken heart

he moans for that

which never was!






36 thoughts on “Love – served cold

  1. Welcome to dVerse! Always nice to meet a new poet. Your poem, to me, expressed the sadness of indifferent or one-sided love. Unrequited love is a great sadness, and I think we can all look back and feel a bit of sadness for what never was in our lives. Hope to get to know you from week to week through your words!!

    • Thank you Mary-what a lovely compliment!Am so happy it struck a chord-yes,unrequited love is heart breaking!Will look forward to knowing you all incredible people too & learning from you all:-)Off to check your entry:-)

  2. the faraway look in her eyes was the first thing that jumped at me as well when i saw the pic first…he holding something he cannot hold..knowing it..hoping it is different..lots of emotions in that pic and you captured them beautifully… welcome at dVerse… it’s cool that you linked up with us

    • Ohh-am a t a loss of words Claudia-such a wonderful compliment -am feeling on top of the world 😀 Thank you ,thank you-am loving this place and the amazing members who have all welcomed me so warmly-my heart felt thank s to all of you-looking forward to participating and reading everyone’s work:-)

  3. welcome to dverse…hope you enjoy hanging out and visiting other poets…and hey way to break the door in with first poem…smiles…a very real feeling running through…the loss of love…or never really to know it…cant imagine anything that might hurt more…

    • Thank you Brian both for the awesome welcome and this lovely glowing comment:-)Am touched and overwhelmed by the warm response of this community and am sure am going to enjoy being here-reading what others write and participating in the challenges:-)

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