Trifextra: Week Sixty-Four


This weekend Trifecta is asking for exactly 33 of our own words plus the following three words:
  • charge
  • century
  • lost                         

So,36 words in all & here are mine.




“17th century architecture,but still not lost its charm.”


“Let’s blow it up!”


“Why only  the Tajmahal?”


“Befitting.It’s a mausoleum after all!”


“Ha!Set the timer for dusk.”


“Decided how much to charge the client for the prints?”







42 thoughts on “Vignette

    • Ah yes,true though I did not quite mean it that way!But alas,seems there was some gap in the telling-I meant “blowing up” as in enlarging a photograph cos these two are photographers:P Thank you for stopping by to read & comment Valerie:-)

      • Oh, my friend-after reading this again, I did get what you meant! Don’t feel bad-you said it very well. I just hadn’t had enough coffee yet;) I think something as magnificent as the Tajmahal at dusk needs to be blown up as large as possible!

    • Thanks YS but lagta hai kuch log shayad samajh nahi paye ki ye criminals ya terrorists nahi balki photographers hain-likhne me kami reh gayi lagta hai 😦

    • Ah,am terribly crestfallen for having failed in making my story clearer-they are photographers wanting to enlarge a photograph of Tajmahal-not criminals,boo hoo!

    • Renee thank you but they are not criminals-just photographers who wanted to “blow up” the picture of Taj for their client-so sorry for not being able to convey it:-(

    • Maggie,cannot begin to tell you how gratifying it is to see when at least a few understand where you are coming from-thank you so much:-)Most people who came by thought that these two are criminals & not photographers unless I misunderstood their take,lol!Off to read your’s & other posts:-) xoxo

    • Thank you for reading Suzanne but these two are no criminals!Poor things are just professional photographers trying to get some good enlarged pics of the Taj for their client-am feeling terrible at not haing been able to make my stand clear:-(

  1. When I first read it, I didn’t think like enlarging a picture. (Isn’t it sad that the state of the world makes us think of bombs rather than photos?) I read it again with photography in mind and I liked it much better – a more innocent conversation, I’d say!

    • Ha!ha!I have to admit that reading your comment has made me look at my creation in a better & kinder light Janna-I was feeling sad at not having got my point across properly:-)

  2. I admit I did a double take, Atreyee, but in a good way. Nice to have a small fright and then be able to laugh!

    • Yes,the anti-social & fundamentalist groups do target such heritage sites-to be honest I had thought of doing it that way too but at the last moment decided to twist it cos as you may have realized I love twists,lol!Thank you so much for coming by to read & leave a comment MM:-)

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