Carpe Diem Special

Carpe Diem Special #55, O. Mabson Southard’s “chanting, the pond’s frogs …”

 For this first Special of September  the following haiku by O. Mabson Southard has been chosen by Carpe Diem:
Chanting, the pond’s frogs …
among the lilies’ dark pads –
the twinkle of stars
Frogs have always been a favorite topic for haiku poets  and Southard is not without his frog haiku. These small creatures that are so often ignored in our busy day-to-day lives often fill the night with enchanting music. In this haiku, Southard is painting the image of the frogs’ song at night, with the stars splashed across the heavens and reflecting from the pond. (Source: Millikin University)
 The goal for the Specials is to write a haiku in the same tone, sense and spirit as the one given. This month we have another challenge in the Specials. Southard wrote all his haiku in the classical 5-7-5 structure, so the inspired haiku has to follow that 5-7-5 syllable structure.
Here is my  Haiku,wherein I tried to capture a little of  the  tone and spirit(hopefully), as expressed by O.Mabson Southard.

Opera of frogs _
Moonbeams waltz to the music
lotus pond applauds!



22 thoughts on “Carpe Diem Special

  1. What a gorgeous haiku you have written inspired on the one by O. Mabson Southard. Very nice imagery I can see it in front of me … a very romantic take I think. Thank you so much for participating in Carpe Diem’s daily haiku meme.

    • Your kind words make me blush!Thank you so much for encouraging me-as you know I am just taking baby steps but I sincerely hope to learn more about this beautiful form of writing under your able guidance:-)

    • Oh!Thank you so much Mark-am so overwhelmed-you all are so kind to a newcomer-glad to be a part of this community & I hope to learn & evolve as I move forward 🙂

    • Hey Steph,am glad to be back as well & embarking on this new road feels exciting-more so ‘cos I see a n umber of familiar “:faces” like your’s :-)I missed you all & your wonderful writings but hope to be here & on Trifecta regularly

    • So sweet of you to say that Bjorn,thank you:-)Will be checking all the entries tomorrow on “first storm”-it’s 4 a.m here & I will go to bed now after I respond to the comments on my posts:-)

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