Red Herring


This week I am really running late for Rochelle’s 100 words flash fiction contest and when I just checked,already 104 writers from across the globe have  made it to the arena.The lamps must be aglow with happiness and all these  energetic writers must have had some really bright ideas ,looking at the cool photo prompt for this week,supplied by Down M.Miller.Well,the bulb in my mind must be  on a holiday and thus,,if you find my 100 words a little “dim”,blame it on the absence of illumination,lol!

For those of you who want to check out what the bright ones have posted or those who would love to write  for this amazing site ,do check  Rochelle Wisoff- Fields amazing site by clicking on this link-

Here is the photo-prompt for this week and my story follows it:-)

Copyright - Dawn M. Miller

                                                Copyright – Dawn M. Miller


Red herring

When it made contact with the target, the resulting crunch sounded very satisfying.

Sharon looked at the broken shards of the lamp -poetic justice, huh?

Now, all that remained was to tidy up the place and remove all evidence.

Then she had a brainwave. Why not implicate the other?

She so hated Simon.

Sharon laid the body on the carpet

Later in the evening, she returned to the crime scene.

Aunt Amy lay in bed, moaning.

“I hate you Simon! How could you break my favourite Tiffany lamp- just for a mouse!”

The cat sat outside, looking miffed.





38 thoughts on “Red Herring

    • Thank you Michael,glad you liked i:-)I was scratching my head but nothing sparked-so thought of penning off the first thing that flowed out,lol! Am going out now and will read the rest of the stories later tonight-that s as many as I can 😀

      I did note that you pipped everyone at the post-so will read your’s first-just now,before leaving and Rochelle’s too-then the remaining,sequentially-or else I get totally jumbled-also gives me a sense of achievement to see how many I have finished reading till a point,he!he!

  1. Very well done. Lovely set up – I had no idea Simon would turn out to be a cat.
    Unfortunately my sad old brain is still trying to come up with a story for this prompt.

    • :-)Thanks Sarah-am glad I could lead you up the garden path 😉 Did u finally submit-I have been so busy this week-could not read past 26 or so I think & tho this weekend my daughters 1 8th B ‘day has me tied in knots,am still racing to catch up with responses,commenting,reading and writing too-phew!

      • Ah,so sweet of you to say that Sarah-am trying to catch up with the pending pile of comments-so this delay,lol!Had a wonderful celebration and the party was a huge success:-)

    • Thank you dear Indira:-)Wonder if you finally came up with a story-these last few days have been crazy for me-thus this late reply-daughter celebrates her 18th b’ay this Saturday-party at home-so u know ki obostha-bangalir khawa dawa-elahi byapar-tai ruddhashashe likchi,podchi,comment korchi etc-ekhono ekta challenge baki-kono idea ashe ni-11 ghanta baki-jani shakale time hobe na-tai ekhon bhablam response gulo check kore feli 🙂

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