A touch of colour

Friday Fictioneers

It is Wednesday everywhere,except for FF lovers who enjoy their Friday fare starting on Wednesday.Confused?Don’t be.Hop over to our  beautifully talented host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields page  (http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/friday-fictioneers-2/) and check out for yourself how over 100 talented writers from all over the world ,flock  to this contest and spin amazing tales of 100 words or so woven around the given photo prompt.Read,enjoy and join the fun:-)


This week’s photo prompt( below), has been provided by Danny Bowman and really made me scratch my head.Finally I came up with my 100 words,which follows just after the photo.Hope you all find it enjoyable 😉


Copyright - Danny Bowman

                                        Copyright – Danny Bowman


A touch of colour


Stan gazed at the landscape on display.

His critical eye was not pleased.

It lacks boldness, he decided.

A dab of red would make it perfect, he mused.

An art lover, he always carried brushes, but where to get some red paint from?

He scanned the art gallery but it being late, no one was around.

Then Stan saw him.

He beamed.

The guard was immersed in a racy thriller, an empty mug at his feet.

Stan slashed the guard’s throat.

Holding the brush, he looked appreciatively at the red hot lava spilling from the volcano.




62 thoughts on “A touch of colour

  1. Problem solved! The creative mind will always find a way to express itself. Is this a new blog theme for you? I like it.

    • Ha!ha!So true,you hit the nail on the head Patti,thanks a ton 🙂 No,I have been using it for over 8 months I think-glad you like it-without going the premium way,the choices are fewer 🙂

    • Pleased to have kept the end invisible Janet-thank you so much for coming by:-) I have just started reading and will come by your blog soon,tc xx

      • No worries. I’m working my way around and still have several rows to go. I don’t dare refresh the screen until I get to the end of those or it gets too discouraging!! Lots of good stories this week.

      • Ha!ha!You too!I thought I was the only one!Yes,you are right ,with more than 100 entries it is tough to read and comment sp if one has OCD(am trying to work around it and be a little more choosy)-thankfully they are only about 100 words each.Have already read 30 700-750 word stories today-and just recovering from a bug-so not at my best,he!he!

      • It takes a lot more time that it seems it would. But to read and (thoughtfully) comment takes time. 🙂 It’s a good learning experience but sometimes is a bit overwhelming. Hope you feel better soon.

      • I agree and sometimes some pieces need a second reading to be understood.Thank you for your kind wishes Janet-just reached your page,yay! 🙂

  2. Eek! Well, it’s quite an inventive solution, I’ll give him that. At the start I was worried he’d be up on vandalism charges, but I guess that’s the least of his problems now 🙂

    • 😀 Thank you DR for coming by to read and for the fun comment :-)Also, love your idea of vandalism-wish it had occurred to me but my wicked mind always hones in on blood and murder,lol!

    • Ha!ha!Yes Rochelle you are right and I remembered that but here Stan is looking only at fresh blood and will be long gone to try his “art” somewhere else by the time the blood dries ;-)Thank you for always taking time to read and for your lovely comment 🙂 xx

  3. That’s what’s known as adding a “personal touch”. Poor Stan, I heard the critics panned that painting as maudlin because the artist overdramatized the volcano.

  4. Well, I’ll never look at an artist with a brush the same way. I’ll keep a good distance as well 🙂 Totally didn’t see that coming! Who knew painting could be so brutal?

    • Yikes!Am so behind with responses-this comment came in on 7th and I have been dawdling-apologies Janna :-(Thank you my dear-so glad it horrified you,lol!

    • Oooh,cool connection HM-thanks a ton:-)Am running behind again-will come by to check the ones I have not read after I reply to all the pending responses:)

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