Trifecta: Week Seventy-Five

This week’s word is:


1: a usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened; also : a similar part of a piece of furniture
2: doorway
3: a means of access or participation : opportunity <opens new doors> <door to success>
This week’s challenge is community judged.
I was sure I would be missing this week’s challenge.Been busy first with celebrating my Birthday(30th),then with a short trip to a holiday spot & today the Theatre!Whee,what a hectic “Tri-day”-significant that?;-)Never mind all that,here is my piece,exactly 333 words long-a little cliched perhaps but this is what my “happily satiated” brain conjured up:-)




It nestled in his pocket.It had cost him-a lot.But it will be worth it,he thought.


Hurrying down the dark street, he kept touching his pocket from time to time, as if to reassure himself that it was still there.



“Let me tell you,if I say I saw it,means it is true!Jimmy,do you ever listen to what I say?”she said,her voice dripping acid.


“Yes Honey,I always do”,he replied  in a resigned voice,born out of being married for a dozen years.


“Don’t evade the issue and “honey” me Jimmy Curtis!I know the likes of you!”she said accusingly.


“Okay,what is it that you want me to do?” he asked timidly.


“You are the man of the house.Do something before I get killed!”She screeched.


It had been going on for two days now.


Esmeralda was convinced that she had seen a Krait inside the kitchen garden.She had even concocted some stories of her scary yet brave encounters with the reptile.This had made her kitty party a roaring success that evening.


Tired of her nagging ,he had started to think .


And that had opened another door for him ….


He shivered when he looked back at that conversation.He marveled at his own courage.When pushed too hard,or too often,even the meekest can do the undoable.


It had needed meticulous planning of course.



Reaching home,he slipped in quietly and went straight to the kitchen.Esmeralda was out for the evening.Donning gloves,he  took out the bottle from his pocket and holding it’s mouth open,dropped the contents into the flour bin.He smiled, for he knew that the next morning,Esmeralda would be baking cookies for the  Ladies society baking contest.



The next afternoon…


“Sorry Mr.Curtis, the venom had spread too much for the anti-serum to work.Had she been brought here an hour earlier,possibly…”


“Oh Doctor!”he moaned, “if only I had not gone to the Pest Control office in the morning..but she had been insisting that there was a Esmee!”


He had sobbed brokenly,all the while laughing inwardly at his well earned freedom.




47 thoughts on “Venom

  1. It’s not easy being married a dozen or more years. And what to do about a nagging spouse… I guess just ask Jimmy! Always a fun read! Happy birthday, Atreyee.

    • Aww Valerie,loved your comment-am glad you thought it was wicked;-)And thank you so much for the B’day -celebrated it on 30th-wishes as well:-)

    • Thank you Linda:-)So glad to see that you won last time-my reading was right 😀 Thank you for the B’day wishes-had one of the best B’days ever on 30th:-)

      • Yes it was thrilling to see u win:-)Nah,am not yet there-give me at least this year-maybe by then I can hope to get a place with you all stalwarts but thks for the thoughts:-)For me it is more than a place that so may of you all like my writing xoxo

      • I completely agree that it’s just for the fun of the writing. Though I gotta say it is a thrill to get a mention and with your writing, which I think is wonderful, you will turn up on the winners page . . . it’s only a matter of time. xoxo! 😀

      • Ah,Linda you are too kind my friend but thank you for the support & encouragement:-)It feels wonderful to be told that one’s work is good specially since am just a “baby” in this field:-)

  2. Well, I read about the “krait”. We have rattlesnakes here. You’ve done a good job describing a miserable couple. I hope you had a happy birthday and a wonderful year. Thirty is a good year.

    • I wanted to use an Asp but thought it was too tiny,lol!Glad you liked the story:-)Thank you for the lovely wishes for my B’day which was on 30th(ah,thirty was two decades back,lol)

    • Thank you Trifecta,both for reading & the B’day wishes-which I celebrated on 30th(note the 3 there?,lol)I read,commented & voted,yay:-)

  3. Happy birthday! (Lucky you to be 30, I have almost ten years on you :))

    I had a feeling he was going to make the nagging stop somehow…the flour for the cookies was an ingenious plan! Makes me wonder what happened to the other ladies, or if she sampled the cookies prior to serving them…

    • Janna,my sweet friend,I was 30 two decades back,So,not to worry I have a dozen years on you,ha!ha!I celebrated my B’day on 30th-this is what happens when one posts in a hurry-two gaps-one about the Birth date & the other in the story-I should have been more precise :-(There was no snake poison in the flour-bin-he had dumped a real snake in the flour bin which bit her when she put her hand in to take out the flour for making the cookies-he could not risk being caught-so it had to be genuine 😛 Thanks for the B;day wishes & for reading:-)

      • I’ve displayed what happens when you read Trifecta entries too late at night after a long day at work – you miss the obvious 🙂 I had to do it though, or I would’ve missed the voting entirely! Thanks for the explanation – makes sense today when I read it with a fresh brain.

    • Ha!ha!Thank you SD both for the wishes & for reading my piece-yes had fun celebrating it on 30th April(not 30th B’day unfortunately,as most people thought,lol)

    • Ah Diane I see I did not convey it right-the “contents” of the bottle was a real snake-the snake bite had to be there to prove his innocence-but in my hurry last night I missed to make it clearer:-(Thanks for stopping by to read & comment!I have still 20 odd posts to go through & then come bk to catch up with some comments on my piece:-)

    • Ha!Ha!So true & thanks a ton both for the lovely comment & the B’day wishes & no it was not my 30th B’day-I turned 52 on 30th April,lol!

  4. I just got reading this one…nicely done.. And after scrolling comments realize that this cowardly man had the courage for one moment to actually capture he reptile. And belated Happy Birthday…you seem to have hit a milestone. Believe me, you are still a young ‘un. I wish I’d started. Blogging years ago.. Forgive typos…my keyboard touchpad is acting weird..

    • Thank you Joanne-poor man had no option but to go through the “door”that cracked open for him at that moment-he had had enough of that screechy,nagging excuse of a wife;-)Thank you for the Birthday wishes & if by milestone you mean that I hit 30-no,I hit 52,lol!Yes,I am still young-at heart- & very young in blogosphere:-)When we were young the only place we could write was in our diaries,no?:-)I have no regrets & am happy to go where life takes me,enjoying every phase.Ah typos?Did not see any-I am a typo queen-simply cos I never learnt how to type using more than my index finger,lol!

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