Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #35, Managua’s “let the ravens come”



 After a hiatus of few months,am back .So happy to see the CD community thriving under the able guidance of our gracious host Kristjaan.This week he has chosen the haiku  below,composed by Managua of “Fresh From a Hermit’s Forest”.The challenge is to  write/compose a second stanza (classical 7-7 syllables) towards the given haiku. 



let the ravens come
let them smile as they pick the flesh
from the battlefield  (Managua)


And here is my completion

Power hungry men huddle
conspiring against world peace (Atreyee)





Carpe Diem #376, Yenisei River

At CD,our amazing host Kristjaan has come up with this interesting write up about our journey in life and beyond-yes,reincarnation.He has used Paulo Coelho’s “Aleph” as an example Well,I really do not know  if I believe in an afterlife-rebirth–I don’t think I do.I think whatever we do,we have to pay for it in this very life -Karma is the key.But,if I were to be born again,I hope it will be a good life again:-)So this was a difficult challenge for me.This is my Haiku on this theme-


No past lives,I travel light
my Karma holds me aloft





Carpe Diem-Tan Renga #26

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge #26, Nicole’s “summer evening”

Have missed a lot of fun challenges on CD  in the last 3 weeks or so but trying to pick up  the threads now.At CD,our  fantastic host Kristjaan  has kept everyone busy and creatively active:-) For this Tan Renga challenge he has chosen the following lovely Haiku.

summer evening
a breeze turns leaves over
abandoned book

(c) Nicole the Local Artist


My completion-

lost in fantasy,eyes dream of
white knights in shining armour

beckons- sadly,no takers
kids busy with mobile apps







Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge #23, ” into the sea “

At CD,our wonderful host Kristjaan has  once again chosen this lovely starting haiku by Jane Reichhold  for completion of Tan Renga.

melting into the sea
the full moon
leaves a candle bright

(c) Jane Reichhold

My completion-

lovers rendezvous under
gossamer dreams,starry eyed




Carpe Diem’s little ones # 8 – Cinquain

Carpe Diem’s Little Ones #8, ”Cinquain”


At Carpe Diem,our host Kristjaan has set us a new challenge-to write a cinquain. This is what he says about this challenge.

At its most basic level, ‘cinquain’ simply means a stanza (or poem) with five lines. However, the word also refers to either of two more specific types of five-line poems. The first type is usually centered to give it a diamond shape and has the following format:

First line: a one-word subject or title.
Second line: two adjectives which describe the subject.
Third line: three verbs relating to the subject.
Fourth line: four words forming a phrase, sentence, or set of feelings relating to the subject.
Fifth line: one word which summarizes the poem or restates the subject.

The second and more traditional type is simpler and requires only that the pattern of syllables per line in the poem is 2, 4, 6, 8, 2.”


This was a really tough one and I hope I have understood and followed the rules correctly.This is my first attempt at writing this form of poetry.I have tried both the types 🙂

Type I

painful, clumsy
leaving, severing,refusing
to accept the final


Type II

not so easy
unshed tears empty arms,
a longing -watching,waiting for





Carpe Diem -Tan Renga #22

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge #22, JRB’s “The Sweetest of Dreams”

For this week’s Tan Renga challenge at CD ,our gracious host Kristjaan has chosen this lovely haiku by  JRB of Five-Seven-Five.

the sweetest of dreams
flowing like silk on her skin
sharp intake of breath                                          


Here is my completion.

passionate kisses,eyes close
her lips part in ecstasy





Carpe Diem-Tan Renga # XXXIX

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XXIX Moondustwriter’s ”I Hear You Speak”

The exciting Tan Renga challenge at CD is reaching its conclusion and this time our wonderful host Kristjaan has chosen another lovely Haiku-by Leslie Moon:-)


I hear you speak
waves tumble half a world away
conch’s song
(c) Leslie Moon
My completion-

echoes of my past strain to
meet- tomorrow’s melody






Carpe Diem-Tan Renga #XXVIII

Carpe Diem’s Tan renga Challenge Month #XXVIII, Imaginator’s ”with light in your eyes”


This episode of the Tan Renga challenge has this haiku by Imaginator as the starting point.Thank you Kristjaan for choosing this lovely haiku 🙂

With light in your eyes
You embrace me in your arms
Our hearts beat as one
(c) The Imaginator

my insecurities melt
your needs, my dreams,become ours





Carpe Diem-Tan Renga #XXVII

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XXVII, Kaykuala’s ”rustling leaves dancing”


The haiku for this challenge is by Kaykuala


Rustling leaves dancing
Light breeze brushing rosy cheeks
Young hearts aflutter
(c) Kaykuala
This is my completion:-)

Hormone rush,love’s first touch
a heady mix,drink with care





Carpe Diem-Tan Renga challenge #XXIV

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XXIV, Sun’s ”gathering seashells”


The challenge set by our host Kristjaan for this Tan Renga completion is this beautiful starting  haiku written by Sun of Simply Charming

gathering seashells
while ocean tide rise and falls
two sisters bicker
(c) Sun

 This is my completion.

the tidal wave and the shore
separate, yet together